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Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Mother and Grandmother!

 I wanted to take today to thank my Mother and Grandmother. I was raised by my single Mother until Grandpa passed away. Then we all moved in with Grandma. Grandma took care of us before and after school while my Mother worked.
Both women worked and sacrificed for my siblings and I. I can't begin to let them know how much it means. I guess the scripture says it best
   "Her children rise up and call her blessed:" Proverbs 31:28aNKJ

After all God knows best!

I guess I didn't understand all that my Mother and Grandmother did until I became a Mother. I can only hope that I have learned these lessons well. I certainly hope and pray that my children one day rise up and call me blessed.

 Now in case they come over and read this.. Thank you both! I love you and indeed I do rise up and call you blessed! We are all hoping to show you how much you are blessed.

Oh and I should also ad that my parents as I call them live just around this short city block. My children are so blessed to have family close by. My younger sister actually comes over here quite a bit. My Grandmother babysits when I need help, and my Mother is always there for me, right or wrong. I can't say thank you enough. You are both awesome!  God Bless!

I just wanted to add that my Mom just stopped by with a new water bath canner for me! Yeah thanks so much Mom. You are the Best!

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