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Friday, February 24, 2012

So, What are you doing?

What are you doing to stay in the Will of God? Do you spend time in his word daily? If so do you get up early or do this while the kids are busy? Do you pray all day? Do you have separate prayer times?

How are you sharing the Word with your kids? My beloved and I are trying to just read to the kids from the Bible. We have tried different devotionals just haven't found one for us yet. My beloved is reading a plan that the church handed out. I try to read about 10 chapters a day. My version of the 90 day plan. I read when I get a chance and when I get up before the kids. I want silence when I read. The kids are just too much of a distraction. I also try to pray as I think about things throughout the day. My Grandmother prayed about everything. If things went wrong or we couldn't find something her first thought was always prayer. I truly hope I pass this great legacy on to my children!

Now it is your turn to share what you do or are trying to do.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! What exciting or new things are you doing for your Valentine today?

I am planning to finish cleaning the house, make my husband pepperoni bread, his favorite dinner and cinnamon rolls for dessert. I have also recently started calling him my beloved. I think it is a sweet way to talk to each other and it is certainly hard to say in a harsh or raised voice. This has helped us in other areas. Today is a great day to start calling your spouse by a sweeter name. Perhaps they will pick it up and refer to you that way as well. I know my husband calls me his beloved as well as I call him my beloved. Give it a try and see what happens.

Remember Jesus is Lord!

Monday, February 6, 2012

What is Love?

That's right I asked what is love? With Valentine's day approaching next week I think a lot of us are focusing on what we should get on this special day.

But I ask you is it what your wonderful husband does on this day that says he does or does not love you?

Love is in the everyday, the here and now. It is not some day marked on the calendar. Does your husband surprise you with your favorite take-out-meal or dessert? Does he fill up your car with gas so you don't have to? Does he help with the children just to help you?

We have only one car so my wonderful husband always fills the gas tank. He often will tell me to feed the kids but wait for him to get home to eat myself. Only to surprise me with my favorite Gyro from our favorite restaurant. Sometimes he even gets the kids a pizza just to give me the night off. He often sneaks me some of my favorite types of chocolate which vary with my mood. My wonderful husband can follow my moods and knows just when I need these little things. He will often help me with the kids just because. I am not saying he is perfect I am just saying that he tells me he loves me in these everyday things.

So even if your husband misses Valentine's Day, is he telling you everyday in the here and now that he loves you? As my dear friend Courtney from Women Living Well says why not focus on giving this year instead of receiving? The bible does say it is better to give than receive. So, head over and read her post then tell me what special things you can think of to do for your husband this Valentine's Day.

Remember you are a blessing!