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Monday, November 21, 2011


Yes, I am thankful!

This time I am thanking the Almighty for shedding blood for me. Did you know that when Jesus was on the cross he was thinking of you and me? That's right friends! Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice freely given for us!

There is NOTHING you can do to earn the sacrifice of the cross. Jesus truly paid for all of your sins.

The laws of Moses are NOT relevant to us today. The law was given that man might see. That man might understand that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. God didn't want the blood of animals He wanted man to realize we needed Him. To cry out for Him. To say that we are not good enough and that we never could be.

Then Jesus changed all of that by being our unblemished lamb. Now all of the laws MUST be filtered through the cross. What God has made free is free indeed!

So, today I am thankful that Jesus shed His blood for me. Though I was just a sinner stuck in the rut now I am a child of the Living God! And you can be too!

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Vision Forum

Just in case you have not heard of them. I wanted to share a little bit about Vision Forum.

Vision Forum has edifying products for the whole family. I could honestly shop their website for the whole family for Christmas and have everyone happy! Not to mention that all of the products are from other Christians. How great is that?

Now of course I must share with you my own weakness when it comes to Vision Forum. They have Christian Books, that's right I am an avid reader and anything that can help equip me as a wife, mother, child, or servant of the Most High, well I am all for it.

So, do us both a favor and head over there to see what you can get for yourself or your loved ones this Christmas!

God is GOOD!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another thankful post.

I know that I am behind in posting if I am supposed to be posting daily about my thanks.

I have so much to be thankful for that is sometimes difficult to list just one and then remember what I said so that I do not repeat myself.

So, this time around I am thankful for a free nation! Where I am free to believe in and assembly with other believers of Jesus Christ. Where I am also free to homeschool my children without government interference. let's not forget that I am also free to bear arms.

Today I am asking for any of you to tell me what you are thankful to be free to do here in the United States. Please share what you are thankful to be doing here.

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